Why invest in employee engagement?

With over 30 years of experience in the John Lewis Partnership, including a decade as Managing Director of Waitrose, Lord Mark Price created Engaging Business to help organisations improve workplace happiness and employee engagement.Evidence shows that engaged and happy employees drive commercial performance. In highly engaged organisations productivity, profit and earnings per share are greater. Not only that, it’s better for individuals’ wellbeing and for society too.

Engaging Business helps organisations…

Workplace Happiness SurveyBuild greater workplace engagement
Listen App24/7 feedback from your employees
Learn more: Retain
Job AdvertisingPromote jobs on Engaging Works (for individuals)
Match With CandidatesEngaging Works job-seekers matched with your job posts
Learn more: Recruit
Communication AppsCommunicate, connect and collaborate with work peers
Leads & EventsGenerate leads, promote your services and events
Learn more: Connect

Our Stats

50+Countries using our Business Messenger App
250Companies have signed up
122Countries with surveys taken
45,000+Users on our platform internationally
20,000+Surveys taken
Countries that are currently using our services worldwide:
0 Users21,000+ Users

Our Unique Approach

Unique expertise
Based on Mark Price’s 30 years of experience as former Managing Director of Waitrose and Deputy Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership, he created our Retain, Recruit and Connect services to improve workplace happiness.
Backed by research
Engaging Business (for Businesses) and Engaging Works (for Individuals) services are drawn from extensive research on employee engagement, as detailed in ‘Fairness For All’ and ‘Six Steps to Workplace Happiness’ by Mark Price. The research shows the correlation between workplace happiness and commercial success.
Supported by data
Our surveys have been taken by tens of thousands of individuals globally and across all sectors so we can accurately benchmark your organisation.

Manage all your retention, recruiting and connecting solutions in one place

Our dashboard offers easy-access to all your organisation’s surveys, job posts, leads and events.

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Join our Engaging Business Network to discover and share ideas to improve the engagement, happiness, well-being and success of your organisation.Get access to our members’ portal, receive free tickets to our events, free and discounted business books and much more.
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